Why is the home page called "glysan" ?   

For about 5 years ago (2004-2005) as I was really close to start my own business. A angling gear shop. Iíve been fishing since I was six years old. I was born 1962 so think Iíve gathered enough experience to run a business like this.

You have to have a name on the business. Other business in this category  have flashy names like "great shark" or "big strike" and so on. I was thinking the other way so I went for "Glysan" instead. Glysa is a nick name for a small and rather ugly fish called glyskolja in Swedish. See link:  


And every serious business today do have their own home page ....   As a natural step I claimed the domain name www.glysan.se

All financial issues and all other preparations were in order, but the reason why I didn't start was that there were no suitable place to start it. I needed about 80-100 squaremeters to start it. There were smaller places (40-50m2) or bigger (>150m2). "The nail in the coffin" was when there were a big fire in the town centre and the amount of business places became even fewer. They havenít still rebuilt the place of the fire yet (nov. 2009). So Iím still working with the same kind of work (design engineer), but Iíve changed employer. I used the deposit for my business to a deposit to our house (a 174m2 log house on the country side) instead.

All I had left now was my internet domain name and the logo (the fish on the front page). Why not use it to show my hobbies, aircrafts, cars and angling.

So here you areÖ  My goal is not to make the flashiest home page on internet. The content is the main thing here. If you share some or all my hobbies I hope youíll find something interesting.

Trisopterus Minutus


Welcome to the world of Glysan