Anglerfish 1,75kg taken during a competition 1984


Tope, 5,445kg, caught on the northern part of Fladen (Kategatt) 1986. This was a very rare catch because it was only the second one during the 80's. This shark easily gets mixed up with the spurdog. But the triangular shape of the tip of the tail fin and the absence of spikes in front of the dorsal fins is characteristic for the tope.


Common catfish weighing 10,33kg caught in Saltstraumen, Norway. One of 6 catfishes weighing over 9kg that I've caught in Norway. The biggest one (11,5kg) I unfortunately don't have a photo showing it.


A halibut weighing 20,2kg that I caught south of Langesund, Norway, when I was aiming my fishing for haddock. Nice bonus  :o)


My first ling on our first trip to Langesund 1988. I caught it at a depth of 170m (570ft). Weight: 14,7kg.


A little bit bigger ling caught the same week as the one above, but this was caught at a depth at 270 (885ft) and weighing 18,8kg.